Best Things to Do When Bored in Class Middle School: Beat Boredom in 2024

Discover creative and engaging activities to combat classroom boredom in middle school. Explore best things to do when bored in class middle school while staying focused on learning.

Hey guys! Ever feel like time slows down in class? Yeah, me too! But no worries, there’s a bunch of cool stuff you can do to make it fly by. Whether it’s drawing, dreaming up adventures, or learning something new, we’ve got ideas to make class way more fun. Ready to beat the boredom? Let’s dive in!

Things to do When Bored in Class Middle School

Check out the best things to do when bored in class middle school

Drawing and Doodling

  • Sketching people or teachers.
  • Creating comic strips.
  • Designing logos.
  • Drawing cartoons.
  • Planning dream houses.

Writing and Stories

  • Starting a secret journal.
  • Making up poems.
  • Writing letters to your future self.
  • Listing happy things.
  • Crafting short, funny stories.

Games and Puzzles

  • Solving sudoku.
  • Playing hangman.
  • Making crosswords.
  • Creating word searches.
  • Playing tic-tac-toe.

Crafts and DIY

  • Crafting paper fortune tellers.
  • Making duct tape bracelets.
  • Designing friendship bracelets.
  • Folding paper airplanes.
  • Creating cool paper shapes.

Learning and Discovery

  • Learning new words in different languages.
  • Memorizing jokes or quotes.
  • Sharing fun facts.
  • Researching interesting topics online.

Brain Teasers and Riddles

  • Making up riddles.
  • Attempting Rubik’s Cubes.
  • Trying tongue twisters.
  • Learning magic tricks.
  • Solving tricky riddles.

Daydreaming and Imagining

  • Planning dream vacations.
  • Fantasizing about winning the lottery.
  • Thinking of inventive ideas.
  • Imagining teaching.
  • Acting out movie scenes.

Reading and Books

  • Writing book reviews.
  • Starting book clubs.
  • Making reading lists.
  • Writing character stories.
  • Quietly reading books.

Music and Entertainment

  • Writing song lyrics.
  • Attempting beatboxing.
  • Creating secret dances.
  • Playing air guitar.
  • Making playlists.

Technology and Apps

  • Creating slideshows.
  • Editing photos.
  • Trying coding basics.
  • Starting blogs.
  • Designing app ideas.
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Random and Fun Ideas

  • Drawing fantasy maps.
  • Listing happy things.
  • Inventing board games.
  • Organizing spaces.
  • Practicing signatures.

Social and Communication

  • Planning surprises.
  • Quietly complimenting classmates.
  • Creating secret codes.
  • Writing thank-you notes.
  • Sending letters to friends.

Science and Experiments

  • Building candy molecule models.
  • Planning science fair projects.
  • Learning science facts.
  • Drawing paper volcanoes.
  • Creating pretend science experiments.

Healthy Habits and Self-Care

  • Stretching.
  • Planning healthy meals.
  • Listing achievements.
  • Writing self-affirmations.
  • Practicing deep breathing.

Nature and Outdoors

  • Collecting nature items.
  • Drawing maps.
  • Planning pretend camping trips.
  • Creating quiet scavenger hunts.
  • Imagining nature hikes.

Sports and Fitness

  • Learning yoga poses.
  • Planning pretend fitness routines.
  • Making exercise playlists.
  • Practicing sports moves.
  • Balancing quietly.

Food and Cooking

  • Creating recipes.
  • Listing favorite foods.
  • Drawing meals.
  • Learning cooking tips.
  • Planning dinner party menus.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

  • Drawing calming images.
  • Listening to relaxing music.
  • Making vision boards.
  • Listing gratitude.
  • Trying meditation.

Community and Service

  • Volunteering at home.
  • Writing letters to soldiers.
  • Planning pretend fundraisers.
  • Packing care packages.
  • Planning pretend community projects.

Future and Goals

  • Setting goals.
  • Researching colleges.
  • Listing skills to learn.
  • Writing letters to future selves.
  • Making vision boards.

How do I stop being bored in middle school?

Here are some straightforward and engaging tips to beat boredom in middle school:

  • Get Involved: Pay attention in class and join discussions. Being active makes time go faster.
  • Relate to Yourself: Try to connect what you’re learning to your own life. It makes it more relatable.
  • Get Creative with Notes: Make your notes colorful and add drawings. It helps you remember better.
  • Join Activities: Join clubs or sports that interest you. They break up the day and help you meet new friends.
  • Challenge Yourself: If the work is too easy, ask for harder stuff. It keeps things exciting.
  • Set Goals: Have goals for what you want to achieve. It gives you something to work towards.
  • Make Friends: Chat with classmates during breaks. It makes school more fun.
  • Stay Organized: Keep your stuff tidy. It makes things less stressful.
  • Use Daydreaming Wisely: If you’re daydreaming, think about goals or cool ideas. It’s a chance to plan ahead.
  • Prepare Ahead: Look over your textbooks before class. It helps you stay interested during lessons.
  • Stay Present: Practice quick mindfulness exercises to stay focused. It helps you pay attention.
  • Ask for Variety: Suggest different activities to your teacher. It keeps things fresh.
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How to waste 20 minutes in class?

Here’s a more straightforward and engaging list

  1. Check Your Notes: Take a quick peek at your class notes.
  2. Flip Ahead: Look at what’s coming up in your textbook.
  3. Stay Engaged: Listen up and join in class talks.
  4. Set Some Goals: Think about what you want to achieve.
  5. Help Out: Offer a hand to classmates who need it.
  6. Think About You: Reflect on how things are going for you in school.
  7. Try Some Apps: Check out fun apps related to what you’re learning.
  8. Chill Out: Take a breather with some relaxing exercises.
  9. Tidy Up: Neaten your notes for better studying later.
  10. Read Silently: Enjoy a quiet read related to your studies.
  11. Keep It Clean: Organize your stuff for a tidier space.
  12. Let Creativity Flow: Doodle, write, or brainstorm if you feel inspired.
  13. Dream Big: Imagine exciting goals or cool ideas for the future.

Remember, each moment in class is a chance to learn and grow. Make it count!

How do you make a boring class fun?

Check out the best ways to make a boring class fun:-

  1. Get Involved: Join class discussions and ask questions to keep things interesting.
  2. Relate to Life: Connect what you’re learning to real-life situations for better understanding.
  3. Game Time: Use games and quizzes to review and learn in a fun way.
  4. Visual Aid: Use pictures or videos to help grasp tricky concepts.
  5. Teamwork: Work with classmates on projects to make learning more interactive.
  6. Tech Help: Try educational apps or websites to explore subjects differently.
  7. Field Trips: Suggest going on field trips for hands-on learning experiences.
  8. Get Creative: Express what you’ve learned through art or writing.
  9. Switch Seats: Change where you sit or have themed days to mix things up.
  10. Take Short Breaks: Suggest quick breaks during long classes to stay focused.
  11. Stay Relevant: Discuss current events or news to see how lessons connect to the real world.
  12. Say Thanks: Appreciate teachers who make learning enjoyable.
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Using these ideas can make classes more engaging and enjoyable for everyone!

What do I do I’m bored in class?

Feeling bored in class? No worries, it happens to everyone. But why not make that time more interesting? Here are some tips to keep you engaged and make the most of class:

  • Listen in: Pay attention to your teacher; they might say something cool.
  • Join the talk: Get involved in class discussions and activities. It makes things more fun.
  • Quick peek: Glance over your notes quickly. It’s like a mini study session.
  • Guess the next: Try to guess what the teacher will say next. It keeps your brain working.
  • Brain games: Solve puzzles or play mental games to stay sharp.
  • Follow your interests: Look into something related to the subject that you find interesting.
  • Daydream wisely: Use your imagination to think of cool ideas or goals.
  • Take a breather: Practice mindfulness or deep breathing to relax.
  • Stay tidy: Keep your stuff tidy. It feels good and helps you stay on top of things.


In a nutshell, when that mid-class boredom bug bites, it’s your chance to seize the moment and make it count. Embrace these creative and productive strategies to turn humdrum classroom hours into an opportunity for personal growth and a dash of amusement.

These ideas not only help you wring every drop of value from your class time but also keep the spark of curiosity alive, making your learning journey a thrilling adventure.

So, the next time you’re caught in a classroom reverie, remember these tips and transform boredom into a launchpad for your imagination and exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is doodling in class really beneficial?

Yes, doodling can help some students concentrate and absorb information more effectively.

How can I stay productive without drawing

You can subtly organize your notes, plan your week, or discretely brainstorm ideas.

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